Tracel Officially Launches on T-Mall Flagship Store

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 31 May 2024 – As a natural, nutritional supplements brand from New Zealand, Tracel has always adhered to the principles of pure, all-natural sources, balancing nature and science. With a brand mission to provide innovative health and beauty solutions to global consumers, Tracel is actively expanding its global channels, seizing opportunities in the general health market, and meeting the needs of consumers of different ages and stages for individual beauty nutrition and a natural healthy lifestyle. Recently, Tracel announces its official launch on the T-Mall e-commerce platform as a high-end nutrition brand hailing from New Zealand. This move aims to create a one-stop quality shopping service platform for China’s social elite, enhance vertical positioning capabilities, reach high-demand groups, and convey the brand characteristics of “nature, science, and health,” contributing to the development of new sub-categories in the health industry.

In the era of the “appearance economy” combined with “big health – general health”, new-generation professionals are paying more attention to comprehensive self-care. Addressing skin issues caused by aging, stress, and environmental factors has become a core demand for many consumers. According to data from DSA, the pharmaceutical and health e-commerce data analysis platform under Early Data, Nut ricosmetics has become one of the core categories in China’s nutrition and health market, with sales reaching 2.2 billion RMB in the first quarter of 2023, accounting for 13% of the overall market, showing immense market potential. The high-end, elite social group, as the backbone of society, shows diversified and vertical trends in their pursuit of anti-aging, high-end healthy lifestyles, and nutritional supplements. In addition to forming regular exercise habits, customised anti-aging nutritional products have long been a focus for elite circles.

To meet the needs of Chinese elites for anti-aging nutrition and skin health, Tracel implements a differentiated strategy through e-commerce channels to effectively divert traffic and provide customised beauty and nutrition health services for elite circles. Leveraging the marketing advantages of e-commerce platforms, Tracel can achieve more refined user operations and offer a more tailored and detailed online shopping experience to Chinese users. This further consolidates Tracel’s brand image as a natural nutrition brand based on plant extracts and scientific research, providing global consumers with an innovative experience of health and beauty from the inside out.

Launching the Anti-Glycation Luminous Bottle with New Zealand’s Pure Essence

Founded by the Wallace Lysaght family in Nelson, New Zealand in 1980, Tracel entered the Chinese “big health” market recently, coinciding with the opening of its T-Mall overseas flagship store. Tracel has launched its original New Zealand product, the Tracel Boysenberry Beauty Nutritional Drink, nicknamed the Anti-Glycation Luminous Bottle. This plant-based beverage is designed to combat skin aging through a comprehensive approach that targets glycation, oxidation, and photoaging. Its core Boysenberry Compound formula combines six rare plant extracts, including Boysenberry from New Zealand’s Nelson region, Lumenato™ White Tomatoes, and ONIRO® White Onions. This unique blend goes beyond single-ingredient anti-glycation technology to address skin issues at the root cause using Pure Natural 3-Anti Technology.

The application comes from the cutting-edge technology from the Plant and Food Research (one of the CRIs). It innovatively researches and develops a comprehensive Tracel UV-G-OX CLEARER™ anti-glycation, anti-oxidation, and anti-photoaging pure natural Triple-Counter technology to fundamentally block the formation of AGEs, the culprit of skin aging. The exclusive Boysenberry Complex formula effectively blocks sugar absorption through AGEs blocking and metabolism technology, reduces AGEs production, and accelerates their excretion, thereby reducing skin damage. The comprehensive 3-anti is more effective than single anti-glycation. Tracel Anti-Glycation Luminous Bottle is the industry’s first product to receive the “SGS Human Efficacy Report”, with authoritative evidence for significant positive effects on skin lightening, radiance improvement, wrinkle reduction, and firmness enhancement.

With the vision of caring for personal health and achieving natural beauty, Tracel ensures traceability of every batch of products, meeting dual certifications from Swiss SGS and Belgian Eurofins. It guarantees no extra added hormones, preservatives, plasticisers, artificial sweeteners, or colourants, reassuring consumers of a quality and safe experience. The pioneering global advanced technology, AGEs Blocking and Metabolic technology, effectively blocks sugar absorption, reduces AGEs formation, and accelerates metabolism, offering comprehensive anti-glycation from the inside out, helping skin achieve brightness and transparency in 28 days.

In the face of global competition in the natural beauty supplements market, Tracel has remained focused on health and beauty for 44 years. As a pioneer and explorer in the health and nutrition industry, Tracel will continue to seek pure ingredients across the world and utilise technological innovation to create more precise skin nutrition products that meet the needs of segmented markets. Starting from New Zealand and based in Greater China, Tracel aims to lead a new, global experience in nutritional beauty supplements, promoting the sustainable development of Healthy China 2024.

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