MasterBuilde Launches Upgraded Renovation and Maintenance Service Matching Platform for Chinese in the UK

AI Technology Plays Big in Enhancing Communication Efficiency, Pair with Full-range Services and Handy Planning

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM – Media OutReach Newswire – 3 May 2024 – MasterBuilde (“the Company” or “the Platform”), the UK’s first-ever intelligent matching system for comprehensive household services specifically targeting the Chinese community, is pleased to launch its fully upgraded intelligent matching platform. The Platform aims to provide top-quality renovation, maintenance, and other household services for the Chinese community living in the UK, featuring cutting-edge AI technology and an integrated service mechanism that creates a safe and intuitive site for users and skilled handymen to communicate pricing, timeline, requirement, material selection, and essential awareness of municipal infrastructure regulations. This ensures that miscommunication or chaos in typical renovation and maintenance cases can be adequately resolved, preventing disputes and protecting the common interests of users.

MasterBuilde is designed specifically for Chinese who have moved to the UK. Through rigorous screening, the platform provides users access to contact experienced and reputable professionals in household construction. The various services offered by the Platform include regular annual inspections of gas-fired and electric boilers inside the home, as well as maintenance, installation, design and decoration, heating system repair, electrical system, plumbing and faucet maintenance, roof cleaning, painting projects, lock replacement, aluminium windows and doors, moving and relocation support, home cleaning, and all other types of household miscellaneous services. The platform has a rating system allowing users to browse and acknowledge all the registered handypersons’ resumes, previous works, mastered languages, and expertise. Furthermore, its built-in blocklist can prohibit poorly rated contractors from accepting orders and tendering quotes, promising to provide users with quality and trustworthy services. The matching process is straightforward: users access the website, select their desired service items, and enter basic information for registration. The system will then automatically match them with a suitable handyperson or contractor in a flexible and intuitive manner.

It is worth mentioning that the platform has recently introduced innovative AI technology, allowing users to ask intelligent chatbots detailed questions and inquire about basic information, such as UK renovation regulations and standards, and how to coordinate different stages seamlessly to facilitate the overall project planning. Afterwards, homeowners can match contractors according to their demands and liberty and directly obtain quotes.

Ray, the founder of MasterBuilde, said, “After moving to the UK. Some relatives and friends often lament that the biggest inconvenience of their overseas life is finding a dependable handyman. Home renovation is a very complex and cumbersome work for ordinary homeowners as laymen; clearly describing their trouble can be challenging enough, let alone considering the expertise and preferences of multiple handypersons or contractors. The typical scenario is that after a phone call, they may feel the site is too far away, the case is too complicated, or there may be communication difficulties, all of which can lead to unresolved housing problems. As a result, much time and effort are spent searching for the right service provider and obtaining quotations instead of solving the housing issues. The application of technology, especially AI, has been vigorously developed during the pandemic. Therefore, I have decided to integrate this advanced technology into our matching platform to help solve the obstacles faced by overseas Chinese in decoration, maintenance, and other relevant household aspects. That’s how MasterBuilde finally came to light.”

Alex Chiu, Chief Technical Officer of MasterBuilde, added, “The Platform’s core function is to provide users with superior household services while leveraging the advanced technology to make the entire communication process smoother, more efficient and convenient. Our platform not only presents comprehensive services that cover all aspects of daily life but also introduces the latest AI technology to facilitate end-to-end communication between users and contractors. We are committed to forging MasterBuilde, the most preferred household service platform for the Chinese community in the UK.”

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About MasterBuilde

MasterBuilde is an innovative AI-powered household service matching company based in the UK, specialising in first-rate services for the Chinese community. Our matching platform strictly screens, headhunts, and connects experienced and reputable renovation professionals with homeowners, ensuring smooth communication and reliable service. The Platform recently introduced innovative AI tools to facilitate end-to-end communication between users and contractors, enhancing overall efficiency.

MasterBuilde is committed to being the most acclaimed household service platform for the Chinese community in the UK.

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