Intrusion Inc. and TIM Announce Partnership with Orca Cold Chain Solutions to Enhance Supply Chain Security

PLANO, TX and MANILA, PHILIPPINES – ACCESSWIRE – 9 May 2024 – Intrusion Inc. (NASDAQ:INTZ), a leader in cyberattack prevention solutions, and Total Information Management Corporation (TIM), a key provider of technology solutions (Data Center services, Cybersecurity, System Integration) in the Philippines, today announced a deal with Orca Cold Chain Solutions, a cutting-edge logistics and supply chain management company.

Under the terms of the agreement, TIM will provide Intrusion’s advanced threat detection and prevention solutions to Orca Cold Chain Solutions, enhancing the security of their supply chain operations. Intrusion’s technology will help protect their customers’ sensitive data and prevent disruptions to the cold chain, ensuring the integrity and safety of perishable goods.

“We are thrilled to partner with Orca Cold Chain Solutions to bring our cybersecurity expertise to the supply chain industry,” said Tony Scott, CEO of Intrusion. “Our solutions will help Orca’s customers mitigate the risk of cyber threats and ensure the reliability of their operations.”

“We recognize the critical importance of cybersecurity in our industry, and Intrusion’s solutions align perfectly with our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Kristoffer Po, AVP of IT and Network Security of Orca Cold Chain Solutions. “This partnership will enable us to provide an additional layer of protection for our customers’ valuable assets.”

After a successful pilot, Orca Cold Chain Solutions has chosen to purchase Intrusion’s applied threat intelligence for 3 years, effective immediately.

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About Intrusion Inc.

Intrusion Inc. is a cybersecurity company based in Plano, Texas. The Company offers its customers access to its exclusive threat intelligence database containing the historical data, known associations, and reputational behavior of over 8.5 billion IP addresses. After years of gathering global internet intelligence and working exclusively with government entities, the Company released its first commercial product in 2021. Intrusion Shield is designed to allow businesses to incorporate a Zero Trust, reputation-based security solution into their existing infrastructure. Intrusion Shield observes traffic flow and instantly blocks known malicious or unknown connections from both entering or exiting a network to help protect against Zero-Day and ransomware attacks. Incorporating Intrusion Shield into a network can elevate an organization’s overall security posture by enhancing the performance and decision-making of other solutions in its cybersecurity architecture.

About Information Management Corporation (TIM)

TIM is a Data Center, Cybersecurity, and System Integration company, serving multiple industries in the Philippines. TIM’s portfolio of solutions and services, has more than 38 years of credible track record of enabling and servicing market leaders, and industry movers advancing businesses through technology and services.

About Orca Cold Chan Solutions

Orca is the first cold storage facility equipped with a fully automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) in the Philippines. ASRS, in conjunction with ORCA’s in-house warehouse management system intelligently transports, stores, and retrieves pallets within its cold storage facility.

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