ECOVACS ROBOTICS Teams Up with New Brand Ambassador, South Korean Superstar Jun Ji-hyun, for a Dynamic Journey Ahead

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 30 April 2024 – ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a global leader in service robotics, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jun Ji-hyun, the celebrated South Korean actress and model, as its new Brand Ambassador. The partnership marks a new era for ECOVACS to break new ground with industry-leading innovations that improve the lives of people in the Asia-Pacific and around the world.

With her powerhouse performances, Jun Ji-hyun has earned critical acclaim and numerous awards. Moreover, her charisma, self-confidence and authenticity continue to capture the hearts and minds of the public, making her the ideal embodiment of ECOVACS’ continuous commitment to innovation. And ECOVACS also stands out as Jun Ji-hyun’s top choice, eliminating the dilemmas of choosing home cleaning solutions. For over 26 years, ECOVACS has played a key role in defining new categories of service robots that have transformed the industry. Among them are the world’s first robotic vacuum cleaner, the DEEBOT, the world’s first robotic window cleaner, the WINBOT, and the world’s first robotic air purifier, the AIRBOT.


Both ECOVACS and Jun Ji-hyun share a passion for excellence, with a goal to constantly revolutionize the conventional status quo and set new standards for the industry. Leading the core robotics and intelligent technologies, ECOVACS has expanded its offerings from indoor to outdoor products. With its revolutionary breakthroughs, ECOVACS is always redefining the industry. Today, ECOVACS’ customer base includes more than 50 million households in over 150 countries and regions worldwide.

Upholding the mission of “Robotics for All,” ECOVACS is constantly looking ahead and envisioning the future lives of people to develop aspirational products and technologies. Each one represents a valuable addition to the product matrix, meticulously crafted to enhance the home cleaning experience in every way, with the exquisite DEEBOT T30 OMNI, the versatile DEEBOT X2 COMBO, the pioneering DEEBOT Y1 Family, and the cutting-edge WINBOT W2 OMNI launched in APAC region. Notably, the refined T30 family took the robotic vacuum cleaner market by storm with sales of over 50,000 units within only 15 days upon its debut.

“Jun Ji-hyun’s dynamic personality and persistent dedication to achieving excellence in her career makes her the ideal ambassador of our brand in the Asia Pacific region. APAC is one of the most important overseas markets for ECOVACS, and we want to lead the way in utilizing service robotics to elevate the lifestyles of consumers in this region together with Jun Ji-hyun.” said David Qian, vice chairman of ECOVACS Group and CEO of ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

Jun Ji-hyun’s ambassadorship with ECOVACS symbolizes the company’s new momentum to forge deeper connections with its regional consumers, echoing its three-year strategic plan to become the world’s most loved robotic brand in the future. Through this remarkable alliance, ECOVACS is also poised to continue redefining the smart robotic experience and expanding its global presence to further the brand’s mission of creating “Robotics for All”.

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Innovation has been in ECOVACS’ DNA since the very first day. ECOVACS Robotics is one of the earliest service robot developers and manufacturers in the world. We are laser-focused on independent and ground breaking R&D, design, and manufacturing of service robots. We stay committed to our ambition of becoming the world’s leading robotics company. ECOVACS Robotics has a single-minded mission – “Robotics for All.”

Over 26 years of design and industry-leading research have led to ECOVACS winning recognition from global customers. We focus on our vision – “Advancing robotic technologies to serve the world, to create a holistic ecosystem between human and robotics in lifestyle and production”. We stay committed to avantgarde R&D to understand users’ needs, innovating to build a better world, and promoting the growth of our industry.